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Combat Inc would like to welcome you to their website.

Combat Inc is a comprehensive system of survival tactics and Methods of Operating in combat. 

Development of Combat Inc Syllabus

The system is designed to enable qualified students the ability to stay alive utilizing protective postures, pre emptive striking and sound combat principals within the current legislation.  The techniques within the syllabus are founded on the stress responses of combat:

a. Combat anxiety (anticipation of danger);

b. Combat stress (perception of deadly force that initiates the sympathetic nervous system response); and

c. Combat fatigue (parasympathetic response).

Learning outcomes direct students comprehension and evaluation of:

d. The precursor and stages of criminal intent;

e. Psychological effects of combat;

f. Survival motor skills;

g. Control theories; and

h. Combat principals.


Technique Selection

The majority of techniques delivered within the syllabus are gross motor, simple to learn, effective regardless of size or strength, able to be employed in any environment and retainable when the pressure is on.

An effective self defence system should address the three domains of learning:

a. Cognitive (knowledge);

b. Affective (attitudes); and

c. Psychomotor (skills).


Lesson Development

Combat Inc instruction is delivered through proven principals of science. A reality based training program should employ the following methodology:

a. Identify the environment to be employed;

b. Conceptualize the stress response;

c. Analysis and formulate a solution;

d. Teach in stages – 3; stage 1, then combine stage 2, then combine 1-2-3;

e. Develop skill in static environment;

f. Consolidate skill in dynamic environment;

g. Assess competency through scenarios, role play; and

h. Align to current legislation.

Please contact Combat Inc management if you require further information.

Combat Inc – any pre emptive or defensive motor skill executed within the reactionary gap for the sole purpose of sustaining life.

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